Such a shy little harpy! I’m sure she’ll get more used to doing pinups as time goes on. But ah, this was so fun to draw! I should tell you guys that pinups like these are usually saved only for the people on my Patreon. But because this is the first pin-up for MHFAP! I decided to let everyone see it uncensored. I apologize that some of it will need to be locked behind a tiny paywall, but I need to make money. The more MHFAP! makes, the more MHFAP! you get. That’s as simple as it gets!

I was on the fence about doing exclusive Patreon stuff for a long time but ultimately I really need MHFAP! to take off, and this is the best way to do so. I gain nothing in being the Robin Hood of porn. But at least the entry fee is only $1. I’m not even asking you for a cup of coffee per month!

This pinup as a whole is really fun to draw. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but just drawing Tali makes me feel really happy. Sometimes I want to bully her like this and put her in awkward situations. Guess that makes me a bully, huh? I can’t deny that. I do have ‘S’ tendencies after all! She might be shy in situations like this but Tali is also very naughty at times. Even then though her awkwardness usually finds a way. You can expect to never see her fully domme the Hero or anything… well… there is ONE way she might. But it’s a secret!

Such a shy birdy.

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