Who Wants a Harpy in Some Hot as Hell Leggings?

I know I sure do! Because damn son, look at that shit. Hint, it’s even better looking on Patreon!

This was actually a request from a new Patron of mine. I was asking on my Discord server if anyone had anything they wanted to see Tali or Rizl in, and my friend Pyrez has a pretty big leggings fetish. A fetish I happen to approve of! So I got to work making a sexy pic of Tali as thanks for him pledging! I’ve been getting more and more pledges lately, and I’m so happy that everyone loves MHFAP! as much as I love working on it.

This is actually no joke one of my favorite pics of Tali so far! I think the leggings looks really, really good on her and her dialogue is pretty cute. I have some fun ideas for more pinups.

Eh, what did I do for pages today? Nothing actually. I apologize but I had errands to do. When I got back I really just wanted to draw my girls with no strings attached. You know, not worry about the comic stuff. Soooo I ended up making two pinups today for my Patreon audience! I’ll post the other one here tomorrow as well as fully get started on page 12 and try to finish it tomorrow. It shouldn’t be a very hard page to draw and hopefully I’ll get it done with and start on 13!

I have a lot of MHFAP! plans to announce as soon as the first chapter is done so I’m going to need everyone to be patient. Let daddy work on more comic pages for you, ok?

Lots of links this time!

Tali wearing some sexy ass leggings!

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