Tali is spreading those legs wide, shame she can’t help with her fingers!

I’ve referenced this before, but this is the official launch of my new Patreon rewards program! This lovely picture of Tali spreading herself is only the start!

What’ve I been doing the last two weeks? Stockpiling images for the new rewards program! Thats right, I already have 3 months of pictures to share with you guys all ready to go!! And I’ll be drawing minimum 1 pinup and 2 sketches a week so that the well never runs dry, so go head and change your pledge around if you feel like supporting me more for exclusive new art! Art like this amazingly picture of Tali spreading wide, and it won’t just be Tali either! It’ll be a ton of MHFAP! chars all changing around depending on what I feel like!

$10 a month gets you 2 weekly sketches, so 8 sketches a month!

$20 a month gets you a whole full colored pinup every week! Lot of value here folks!

So take a good look here, at this amazingly sexy picture of Tali spreading her monster girl pussy out wide for you. Then think of how much AMAZING monster girl content I have for you guys coming out down the pipeline! If you consider yourself a fan of MHFAP! or monster girls in general than there’s no excuse for you not to check out my Patreon and help yourself to some amazingly sexy exclusive content! I won’t be releasing these publicly just about ever. Maybe in image pack format down the line, so if you think you can wait it out then good luck my friend! You’ll be missing out on a large chunk of uncensored monster girl content going forward! Hey, I got bills to pay alright?