It’s the first pinup with both Tali and Rizl! They’re wearing a ‘simple’ shirt…

A friend informed me that this simple shirt was going around as a meme, and it’s pretty funny. It made me want to put some of my girls into it! I can definitely see why other lewd artists are making their girls wear it. Had to get in on that trend while I can. Really, I apologize that the censorship is a bit lazier than I usually do. It’s just that there’s no good way to censor this one really… But I mean if the nips are so important to you, what’s a single dollar over on Patreon a month?

It’d help me a lot. I’m not doing all that good lately. Finances are annoying. My appartment is uncomfortably hot because our living room is so damn hot that I can’t even play games in it. I tried to play Witcher 3 like I told you guys I wanted to do and it was so blisteringly hot even with 2 fans pointed at me that I couldn’t even get past the prologue. I’m not even joking. Life is suffering right now ;-;

Instead, I took a break and played some Gwent. Lost a few times but I’m up to Rank 9 now, was a very even play session. And damn I just needed to unstress after all that comic art today… Think I’m going to start on the inking for page 13 before bed but I dunno guys. I feel pretty miserable today. I don’t think anything is actually wrong with me though. It feels like it’s probably just the heat…

It still feels really bad though.

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Tali and Rizl are rocking that simple meme shirt!

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