Boobs. Because comedy? I dunno.

So far this is the most recent Patreon pinup of the MHFAP! girls I have for you guys! I’ll enjoy it a lot when the comic is further along and I have more variety to spoil you guys with. Not that I dislike drawing Tali, far from it! Just that more options is better for everyone involved hehe.

This drawing didn’t come out too badly all things considered. I do believe I made her breasts just a biiiit too big compared to normal though. Possibly a problem of me looking too closely at the reference I was using for the pose. Typically I like to use models with the same breast size as the character and of course similar proportions, but that’s not always possible. I think the bottom half came out great though and that the cell shading around her panties and legs came out looking pretty nice! Looks real thick, yeah. Not bad at all…

Ahem. I will keep uploading stuff. I’m just about done with the comic uploads! Only 4 more pages after this and I’m really excited to be done with it. Way too much computer work between uploading things unto the site and building it. I need to try and get done with it, I’m very behind on my drawing stuff. Not only am I behind on making the actual hentai, but I have some commissions to take care of. Not to mention I’m not feeling the best I could, so bleh. No worries, I’ll feel better soon I promise! Just got to get myself to finish this junk up. I’m running out of things to talk about…

Tali doesn't like her boobs being made fun of.

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