That ass should’nt be underestimated just because Tali has a large rack. It’s also pretty fun for me to draw, too! I love her current costume, it came out great after so much trial and error when designing her. Her bikini is just real sexy the way it snugs itself into her ass don’t you think? I really need to draw the top bursting sometime. That’d be really sexy… Guess I’ll add it to the long list of things I wanna draw for MHFAP!. That one should be easy to work into the story, though.

At the same time I really can’t wait to try drawing Tali in different outfits, lingerie and the like! Because of how rushed I was to get starting MHFAP! I didn’t have time to get used to drawing the cast. Was hoping more for a trial by fire sort of scenario and it seems to be paying off in spades. You can see the gigantic improvements I’m making from each illustration and page of the comic. But yeah, Tali will definitely get the chance to wear all kinds of sexy outfits in the future! I’m not sure there will be a full on permanent costume change yet, but it’s more than likely. I still really do like her current one.

If anyone ever has any cute clothes they might want to see one of my girls in they can always show me and I’ll take a look! I can’t promise I’ll always do it but it never hurts to show me things. My inspiration comes out all over the place and some things I might like, others might not. Please don’t upset yourself at my reaction! I feel like a broken record. Sometimes I have to say this thing a lot…

Dat ass

I hope you all appreciate the lovely view of Tali’s ass. Click to view it in full resolution!

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