Hey guys, figured I’d share with youthe first of my digital sketchbook pages! I’m really trying to put an effort into improving lately when I have the time. Sadly I don’t always between MHFAP! and commissions but I do my best. In a perfect world I’d get to practice my sketching all the time, but alas… There’s so much I need to improve on.

This sketchbook page was dedicated to cute girl faces, as you can see. I still need to do some more in all honesty, but these were a good start. The sources were from a gaggle of different hentai manga. I was trying to make sure that the sources were very relevant to MHFAP! and all that. I’m like totally in love with the way Akatsuki Itsuki draws crazy, thirsty girls. A lot of his stories are about ero-mangaka who get seduced by their fans… and I couldn’t possibly tell you why but that topic is veeeery attractive to me. Hm. Wonder why?

I think the other two artists I was studying were Mogg and Bosshi, both really good at very different things. I like them both a lot though. I’ve read Bosshi for years! Almost as far back as I’ve read hentai manga I think. His work has always been steller. Mogg is a newer artist I think but I really fucking love how sexy and dainty his girls are. His style is very frail looking if that makes sense… But damn if his girls aren’t cute.

Not all of my sketchbook stuff is about porn, heh. So if you like just seeing more art I promise you’ll get a wide array of topics!

More pinups and stuff coming soon, don’t worry!

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