Sketched some athletic girls so I can practice differing body types… oh, and of course there’s porn mixed in. God knows my audience can’t go a second without seeing me up to something lewd.

No but really, there’s a lot going on in this one! I was feeling the need to practice some varied things. I wanted to put in some work and try drawing girls with a bit more muscle than I usually define. You can probably tell that my anatomical knowledge of the knee is pretty shaky at best, but at least I know how to define the thigh. Figures. I ended up going really far with the shading in terms of hatching goes. I typically don’t like hatching at all but I was in the right mood the day I was working on these sketches. Sometimes it just strikes me I suppose. Usually I’d just want to render it with some grayscale shading though.

The girl with the big hairdo is a sketch of some Tokyo street fashion. You can expect me to work in some more of those in my sketchbook. I’ve always been really fascinated by Japanese street fashion. It’s like setting foot into a world where you can where literally anything and somehow not be stupid. I find that really interesting, and I just love things that are really colorful in general. I really should have done a color sketch for that one. I’ll try to work in more color stuff in my sketchbook when I can. No promises though! But I do think it’d be good for my training to do some.

Athletic girls can be fun, by the way~

Athletic girls sketchbook page.

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