Have a Look at this Sexy Reshiram I Drew!

Friend of mine on FurAffinity got me to draw him a pinup of his Reshiram OC. I accepted and bore this succulent fruit you see before you! I think it looks pretty nice. I’m getting better both at cell shading and also creating interesting patterns for the backgrounds of things. I had to do another Pokemon pinup for a different friend, I’ll post that here sometime later but today is kind of eh.

Not feeling very good about a lot of things right now and without whining or begging I’ll just say that I hope MHFAP! starts to get more pledges. I know it will once it gets more and more well known, but I might have to slow down the pace I do pages and start working in more comms. Me and Angela are just doing kinda shitty with money and we really want to move out of our ghetto and into somewhere safer. But a lot of crap hinders this happening… bleh.

I know things will improve if I continue to work my hardest on both MHFAP! and commissions, and while I’d love to not have to ever do comms and work full time on MHFAP! that day is far from here. Gotta keep clutching that dream though, and if you want that to happen you got to support me anyway you can!

In the meantime, please enjoy this Sexy Reshiram~


Sexy Reshiram girl I drew for a friend!

Click here for the full resolution of this sexy Reshiram!

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