Because Everything is Better With Tits Apparently, Even Great Girros!

I mentioned this in my last blog featuring the art of Tali from Adiostama, but today I finished this anthro version of Great Girros from Monster Hunter World. I’ve done a handful of MHW anthros for people willing to buy them over on my FA. Though, I tend to stick to making Pokemon Adoptables because they’re much easier to draw than into Monster Hunter girls. Not that I don’t like drawing them, but it’s better for MHFAP! if I do smaller things than one large thing that sells for more.

I still usually accept orders for custom made ones though, I just don’t go out of my way to draw large adoptables. Too much slowdown and it’d effect MHFAP! quite a lot.

This piece is for a real good friend of mine, Coltores, who found me nearly when I was just starting out on FA a year and a half ago and since then must have nearly $1,000 on my art in bits and pieces haha. He’s by far one of my greatest supporters and also one of the few I actually game with regarding Monster Hunter World. As a lot of artists know, giving your game stuff out to your random fans can be a bit of a disaster if you don’t know the person. But with him it’s no big deal.

I kinda like how this girl came out looking. Not terrible at any rate but I almost always feel that I can do better. It’s a good quality to have, because it gets me thinking on how to improve!

Lovely Great Girros for my friend Coltores!

Click me to get the full resolution of this sexy great Girros! If that’s what you’re into, ya weirdo.

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