It wouldn’t be fair if Tali was the only one who got to wear sexy leggings, would it? Rizl’s Turn!

Only as you can see Rizl isn’t very happy about it being her turn! She’s just being grumpy, she knows how great the leggings make her ass look. Hard not to notice when it looks that snug! I’m always happy drawing Rizl’s behind. Her breasts aren’t small by any means but in MHFAP! Kobolds just have them wiiiide hips. Probably for laying eggs!

This was a request from a Patron of mine! Same guy who requested one of Tali wearing leggings. Since no one else had any requests for my girls, I let the guy have two in a row. I’m nice like that I suppose! But really if anyone has requests for poses or costumes for pinups for my girls you only need to tell me. The worse I will say is no! The idea naturally has to both inspire me and sound fun to draw. So I can’t say yes to everything especially when balancing it with so much other art!

It feels nice to put out three pinups in a week like I just did. That’s certainly not going to happen every week but consider it a nice little gift from me to you all for supporting MHFAP! so far! I’m sorry again if the censorship is lazy but drawing a bikini or something on top of her takes an additional 20-30 minutes of drawing. I ultimately decided that I’ll be able to make more content if I don’t spend too much time on that, so I hope it’s ok with you. The final thing is only $1 on Patreon, so really it shouldn’t be that bad!

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Rizl got them sexy leggings~

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