Here’s the first pinup I’ve ever done of my Kobold girl, Rizl! I gained a new appreciation for kobolds ever since getting inspired by Tower Girl’s Kobold Princess, but originally there wasn’t going to be a Kobold character in MHFAP!. Instead I had sketched one as a character design thing and the response to her led me to planning to add one to the main cast. I can’t say much about Rizl’s role in the story, but you’ll get to find out all about it in chapter 3! Hopefully getting there won’t take too long at the rate I’m going.

Rizl has proven insanely popular among my audience. Even when I designed her I wasn’t sure if she would be a main character or not, but this is the drawing that cemented it. People really, really liked her after this one! I can’t blame them, I think it’s one of my sexiest pinups yet. It’s also by far the best face I’ve drawn for Rizl. I will need to practice drawing emotions with her, as well as trying to balance her face a bit more. I want her to look cute but also have her features sharp. The design isn’t going to change or anything, just the way I draw it.

My editor is concerned for me over my sudden interest in Kobolds, and I don’t blame him… I don’t draw these girls just to appeal to my audience. I’m not ever going to draw a character that I’m not attracted to. I mean, besides the Hero… but y’know. Why? Because MHFAP! is all about my fantasies and that. It was pretty funny, come for think of it. An early draft of the hero looked a little like myself irl and I had to change that because I really don’t want this comic to be creepy. It’s not my self insert fantasy or wish-fulfillment! Well, I mean on some level it is. But what can you do about that?

Rizl is a strong, fierce girl.

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