Alraune are always sultry no matter what form they take! They’re so dang hot~

Here we have a MHFAP! OC named Olivia and as you can see she is an Alraune! Alraune are usually shown as roses in most popular media but I wanted to push that envelope a bit. Instead I went for a more rafflesia type feel for her. I think it worked! She’s still a sexy design I like a lot. Olivia is owned by a very good friend of mine, too, Axionas. She’s one of the mods over on the official MHFAP! Discord server so if you join us make sure you tell Axionas/Phox how much you love Olivia! She sure is a cute plant girl! Plant girls are one of my favorite types of monster girls, but so far we’ve only had two. I’m excited about the future for when I get to draw even more sexy plant monster girls! The day is coming, believe me!

Haven’t drawn any hentai of her yet, but this is a monster girl I’d like to to do more of! But that depends on commissions, and I believe Olivia’s owner is more interested in getting more art of her Kirin OC and her Manticore OC. Axionas currently has 3 MHFAP! OCs but it’s about to be 5. I’m going to be designing her a Honeybee and a Princess Bee sometime this week hopefully! The more insect monster girls the better. Just hope I stop feeling like garbage before then… I can barely get anything done these last few days.  Can’t put my finger on why, either… but you guys aren’t here for my mental state, you’re here for the Alraune! And what an Alraune she is <3

I have lots more sexy things to share with you coming up! Still so many amazing MHFAP! OCs I’ve yet to post. Then there’s all the pinups of them… and then there’s all the Ask Monster Girl Anythings to post… and not to mention all the fanart and the commissions I’ve got of Tali and the gang… and then I’ll be hosting lots of content that the OC owners have bought of their characters… this site will transform into the ultimate monster girl platform, I’m telling you! One day we’ll be there!