Aren’t You Glad You Chose Me As Your Starter now, Master? Such a Sexy Ivysaur!

Hey guys, wanted you to all know that new pages of MHFAP! are going to start next week! I finished the layouts for the entire rest of chapter 1! I’d start drawing the finished pages this weekend but I have a big family event stuff to do on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not much of a family person or a social person in general so I’m not looking forward to it, but whatever. Here’s a sexy Ivysaur in the meantime!

There’s 12 more pages until MHFAP’s first chapter’s finished. I want you guys to remember that when ch. 2 starts production you will ONLY get to read it page-by-page on Patreon. What this means is next chapter I’ll start posting the pages on this site when a scene is done and not whenever a new page is done.

So if you want to read MHFAP as fast as it comes out then you definitely should pledge at least $1 to the Patreon!

On another note, enjoy this lewd Ivysaur girl I made as an adoptable over on my FA! She got sold to this lovely person! I’m still pretty happy with the design I came up with for her. Drawing long curly hair is pretty fun for me and I always relish the excuse to do so.

Why Ivysaur? Well I’m a bit too busy to draw any fanarts right now but you can consider this sexy leaf lady my little tribute to Ivysaur managing to come back for Smash Bros Ultimate despite all odds. I’m so fucking hyped for Ridley. I hope he’s not trash competitively because I can totally see him being one of my secondaries. Still likely going to main Marth though. I can’t ever get enough of that Falchion. Watching a great Marth player is hypnotic… I really hope he’s close to his melee self in Ultimate!

Sexy Ivysaur anthro!

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