Got some adorable chibi stickers for you all!

Chibi stickers!







These currently aren’t for sale as I’m still waiting for my good sticker paper to get here before I can print any, but they soon will be! I’m super excited to have the first bit of MHFAP! merch for sale. My monster girl hentai empire is growing day by day! I get tons of new readers every day and I couldn’t be happier with the interest shown in my brand. So for the first bit of merch I thought I’d settle on cute Chibi stickers.

These chibi stickers are also a big part of my brand new Patreon reward tiers, if you haven’t heard! At the $25 tier I’ll send you two stickers each month on top of all the other rewards you’re getting. Then, at the $100 tier, you get another 2 stickers on top of the absurd amount of rewards you’re already getting. Pretty great, right? I hope so at least.

There are gonna be even more stickers from here on out! More of the main cast but also more of the official MHFAP OCs owned by my friends. I’m excited to get to draw more of these, they don’t take me long to draw and they look really damn cute!

When they do go up, they will be sold for $20 for 4. When there’s more stickers you can mix and match any of them you want, too!


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