Damn this hot robot is the best! You show them Futura!

I love drawing me some hot robots. That’s kinda why when I first set out to make a monster girl harem comic, I was like, yeah, there needs to be a hot robot. Not even any discussion or thinking on the matter some more. Tali and Futura were decided on almost instantly when I first started planning the story and very little has changed about their initial character ideas! Sometimes you come up with something good on the first try, haha. Not that I haven’t added anything since then! But you get what I mean. I’m a guy who loves his hot robots. So any excuse to draw one I am want to take it!

For this piece, it was actually one of the last of the weekly sketches I prepared. But I wanted it to be one of the first since I felt the need to throw out the mascots for the Patreon rewards upfront was important. That’s why Tali got a pic uploaded yesterday, which you can see here, Futura got hers today, and the first of the weekly pinups on Wednesday will be a really sexy picture of Rizl and Hero having some fun! I hope everyone looks forward to that! I know you guys are gonna love it. I put my all into all this upcoming patreon exclusive content, so that pledging is very much worth it <3

Colors for this piece were done by my very good friend DallyDonut, she did a great job on this piece just like she always does when coloring my lineart! Show her some love please!

Click here to unlock the uncensored version by pledging to my Patreon! Every bit you pledge helps me make tons of monster girl content- way more than I’d be able to do right now!

I hope you all enjoy the preview I’ve provided of this incredibly hot robot~


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