Everyone knows goblin ass is the best ass.

Introducing the ultimate femdom MHFAP has ever known! Nona is known to actively hunt down and dominate anyone claiming to be more dominant than her… In fact, this is how she gets a good portion of her hentai harem. If you catch Nona’s fancy, you are in for a world where she is the only thing that matters. Not even the most powerful goddess can resist if Nona wants her. Not to say that Nona is the most physically imposing girl among the roster of monster girls, but this feisty femdom flaunts her fuckable goblin ass so well it’s hard not to get entranced. Once you’re in her grasp, you’d be hard pressed to get her to let you go.

Nona is one of the few femdoms in this world. Perhaps a contributing factor, she has a strong superiority complex. To her, Goblins are the best monster girl race and she has the best goblin ass of all. You would be wise not to challenge that notion unless you are feeling particularly masochistic that day… Nona is not known for being nice. Even the first man in ages gets no love from her, though perhaps with a bit of time, he could grow on her. Her cruel streak does limit the girls who seek her out, though. She is preferred by those who like being used and abused. While she will not go out of her way to harm her harem, for the most part, she shows little regard for their safety in the bedroom. The meanest girl MHFAP will likely ever see, Nona demands attention. With a goblin ass like hers, it’s hard not to give it.

We’re certainly hoping Nona becomes more popular. Especially if her ass has anything to say about it. You’re in luck if you love this lewd lady. Nona has a secret large role coming in Chapter 4, so get excited! To tide you over, Nona’s owner gets lots of sexy art of her and some of it might even show up on this website soon. Stay posted!

There’s even better news if you love Nona. We are looking for a voice for Nona in upcoming Audio Adventures. Her voice is planned to be raspy, the bitchier and eviller, the better. All you masochists out there wanting to hear her all up in your business, get excited. If you want her Adventure to be made faster, the best way to show your support is to buy the first one!

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E.N.  Hey, you! Yeah you, you can see me, right? Good. Just gotta say… Kom really likes his fishnets and torn clothing. Think he’s got a fetish for it? Speaking of, Kom loves drawing backs and shoulders. I bet he’d love to give these girls a nice firm back massage. Totally a secret fetish ; )   I do know that Nona’s hairstyle is different than usual in this picture, but Kom thought she’d look cute li– Crap, here he comes… I’ll be in touch!