Double buttjobs are incredibly sexy, ok?

Mmm, goddamn I’m super happy with how this Patreon pinup turned out! It’s definitely one of my favorites and features two of my favorite girls. Futura and Servus, giving a double buttjob to the Hero. Buttjobs are great and are extremely underutilized… but double buttjobs? Double buttjobs are some of the hottest things ever like holy shit. What I wouldn’t give… ahem, yes, these two lovely artificial ladies are giving our Hero an extremely passionate double buttjob and he can’t seem to hold himself back. Although it’s not visible through the preview I can guarantee you that there’s a huge load of cum erupting from beneath their 4 soft, round ass cheeks. Very sexy stuff I promise- you should totally pledge over at the Patreon to see the full version for yourself!

Pledge here to view the full uncensored version and even more amazing, exclusive NSFW monster girl goodness!

I have forgotten to upload a few of the weekly sketches here to the site as well. I promise I’ll get around to doing them soon! Got a lot of stuff to update on the site and I’m happy with my more consistent rate of uploads these days. More content for you guys and more words for my site to feed the SEO side of things! Need people to discover all of my double buttjob content y’know? So yeah, I’m happy with how the site’s been turning out lately. More and more content being added all the time! I can’t wait till I can invest in having someone update the site’s design though. I really want to have everything improved on and make it so you can easily see my non-comic content more conveniently. We’ll see though, that’s all in the future for when I’m making enough double buttjob money though haha.

I just posted page 19 of chapter 3! Make sure you don’t miss it!

And if you love Futura make sure you see that other Patreon preview I posted of her posing in her true form!

colors by DallyDonut


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