Hang in there Futura, it’s getting rougher!

On the left side of the page, there is lore dump. On the right side of the page, there is cumdump. Truly I am the god of sequential storytelling and also tits. But no really, this was a fun page even if I’m worried it was a little too text heavy. I think I managed to format it all decently, at least, but you can always yell at me if I am wrong. I’m not gonna repeat myself over and over again I’ll only say that I’m going to care less about the pacing in the future and just use as many pages as it takes.

The info on this page probably could have been split into two pages, but as I worry about pacing, I put it all on one. After chapter 5 I will no longer worry about that. I promise if I have an idea from now on that I’ll properly give it time. Wish I wasn’t so hyper aware of my own shortcomings but here we are… bleh.

We start to get some pretty big lore details here though, to the excitement of many I think. I’m glad we finally get to talk about the Fair Four, they’ve been in my head for ages and I can’t wait to introduce every one of them! None of them have designs yet or anything but I know a lot about each of them, their role in the story, and so on. Of course the one I have the most stuff figured out for is the one who will be the first main antagonist. As to who that is, you’ll find out very soon!

Glad to be making some good story progress, though, posting new pages always puts me in a wonderful mood and makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a ton~

Characters colored by DallyDonut


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